The Best Swing Trading System In The World

Market Deal | March 29, 2022

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The Best Swing Trading System In The World

During the last few months, I received over one hundred emails from traders asking me what the best swing trading system is and how they can purchase or create such a system for themselves. I thought I would write an article detailing this important topic so traders could understand the real issue at hand.

Most traders who start out go through a process, this process fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, is remarkably similar for most traders.

Stages Traders Go Through To Find The Best Swing Trading System

The first stage most traders go through when they discover trading is excitement and thoughts of making money. Let’s face it, people don’t get interested in trading so they can stare at the market all day, people are attracted to markets and making money from the markets. This is the stage where traders create ideas in their mind about the markets.

Typically traders underestimate the difficulty of profitable trading at this stage and are driven by advertisements and books that they read about making easy money and how anyone can make money if they follow simple rules.

Eventually, after a few weeks or months of trading, two things will happen. The trader either realizes that trading is substantially more difficult and it will require actual work and dedication to learn to do it properly or the trader gives up.

The trader who continues and perseveres, begins to understand that trading is not as easy as he/she was led to believe in the beginning to find the best swing trading system.

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Learn Everything About The Markets And Every Technical Indicator Stage

This is the stage when the trader begins doing actual research and starts learning about all the different indicators and how to use them properly. The trader still believes that they can just create the best swing trading system or buy a simple system and they will become profitable.

I call this stage indicator fascination because during this stage, the trader goes on a search to find the perfect indicator, the one that will produce the highest percentage of profitable trades with the lowest risk.

Many traders get stuck in this stage and never move beyond it. These are the traders who believe that the more they know the more profitable they will become. Each few weeks, they buy a different indicator that promises easy money, they buy books trading books that promise the world and they go on a mission to find the perfect indicator. This is a very common stage for traders and the most common stage for traders to fall into.

Taking Personal Responsibility For Your Trading Results

The next stage is the self perspective stage, this is when the trader becomes aware that it takes more than an indicator to become a successful trader. They begin to question what the best swing trading system really is and begin to look at themselves a bit more. This is the stage where the trader realizes that his mental state has everything to do with making money.

The interesting part about this stage is traders begin to take responsibility for their actions and begin to understand that profitable trading is inside of them and no indicator will make them a profitable trader if they are mentally not prepared for it.

They begin to understand that psychology has much more to do with profitability then they originally believed. the trader finally realizes that the search for the best swing trading system starts with learning more about themselves then then just finding the perfect indicator.

This is when the trader begins to learn about Positive Expectancy, Risk Control, Money Management. The trader slowly begins to let go of their preconceived notions about the markets and starts to focus on what really matters.

The trader begins to create his own strategies and techniques that fit his own predisposition. Instead of focusing on get rich quick indicators the trader focuses on indicators that work well with his/her personality.

This is the stage when traders begin to get it, to understand what real trading is all about. The questions the trader asks are very different then when he first started. I can usually tell in less then 1 minute of talking with traders when stage they are in.

Unfortunately, many traders don’t reach this stage, they either lose their trading capital, develop negative feelings towards the markets or lose faith in their abilities to profit from trading or worse yet a combination of all three.

In Conclusion

The trader himself has to realize what the best swing trading system is for him. Everyone is different and each trading system or method will fit each person differently. Some traders stick to breakout methods and others only trade reversals. It’s all about what works for you and you have to be the one to figure it out.