August Recording

Our Saturday classes at the TradingPub have become extremely popular in the trading community and this class definitely raised the bar!  Here are the sessions that were covered during this Saturday’s Class!  We have listed a copy of the recordings from each speaker as well as a recap of the freebies and trials offered below!

During the class, each of the speakers offered some really cool Specials for our Attendees so we have provided a recap of all of them as well as secured the opportunity for those viewing the recording to access this week.

Recap of all Specials from the Presentation


Session #1:  Dave Osmond of MetaStock on “Finding the Right Trade for You”

To access 3 Months of MetaStock for the Price of 1 – Access Here


Session #2:  Ross Givens of Blue Tick Research on “Beating the Stock Market: Two Secrets to Buy High and Sell Low”

To access Ross’ Stock Scanning Class Special- Access Here


Session #3:  Serge Berger of Marketfy on “Powerful Candlestick Patterns”

To access 30 Days of Serge’s “Steady Trader” – Access Here


Session #4:  Cool Trader Pro Software Review”

To learn more about Cool Trader Pro Software – Access Here

Session #5:  Dan Cook of Nadex on “Defined Risk Trading Strategies”

To learn more about Defined Risk Trading Strategies – Access Here

Session #6:  Tom Busby of DTI on “The Irrational Exuberance Trade”

To Access a Free Training Session with DTI and Tom’s AudioBook – Access Here

To register for TradingPub’s Next Class – Access the Class Here