Am I Doing More Harm Than Good? Am I Doing More Harm Than Good?

In this week’s drill for traders Norman Hallet, The Disciplined Trader, is asking the question, “Am I doing more harm than good with these 4-Minute Drills for Traders?”


Read the full video script:

It occurred to me today that I actually may be doing more harm than good to traders with these 4 Minute Drills.

When I do these drills, I try to bring up an important issue that traders confront… usually in the realm of mental and emotional fitness and give a little experienced guidance to get through that issue and ending with a positive note to emphasize that we need to keep our positive expectancy as traders.

But in end, the result is usually that I pump you up a little bit in an attempt to give a lift to your day.

And this is where I may be doing you more harm than good.

Pumping you up is a short term solution to a constant, long-term battle, the battle of fending off other peoples opinions, mis-information and general negativity to trading VERSUS staying positive and sticking to your trading plan.

You may be starting your day with one of my drills, feeling strong and confident when the drill is finished and off you go to your trading, but without deep change, deeper sub-conscious change, you’re likely fighting a battle you can’t win!

Without making the inner subconscious changes to your approach to trading, your confidence to pull the trigger on trades without hesitation, your patience to wait for your high-probability setups to complete before entering the external temptations and your inner, deeper doubts, causing you to hesitate and doubt your plan will have a CONSIDERABLE edge.

Again… these “pump-up” 4-minute drills may be doing you more harm than good… having you believe you can go to battle with a CONSCIOUS enthusiasm, rather than what you REALLY need… a deeper SUB-CONSCIOUS conviction!

We are coming upon a time of year that’s perfect for going deep and making the kind of permanent changes that will make you a successful trader.

The last 6 weeks of the year see decreasing volume and less market interest. This is the perfect time to shift your emphasis to working on your INNER GAME, so that you can begin Next Year in a state of mind that will serve you as a trader.

Use these 4 Minute Drills not to move right to trading, but to motivate you to do the REAL work… that actually SIMPLE work and PLEASURABLE work of changing from within to BE patient, to BE confident, to BE The Disciplined Trader!

OK. That’s it for this edition of 4-Minute Drill for Traders.

Make sure you check out why we here at The Disciplined Trader are the leaders in changing traders from within to be confident and successful.

Any of our current students listening to this drill. How about encouraging your fellow traders to make the changes from within that you have. You’ll be paying it forward!

And all viewers of this drill please DO leave a comment and let me know how YOU use these drills and how you benefit or whether I’m doing you more harm than good!

And, of course, as always, STAY DISCIPLINED!


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