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Is there a short term gold rally coming? by Noble Drakoln, author of Trade Like a Pro and founder of So there’s some bad news and some good news, depending on which side of the market you are on. For the gold bugs, bad news first. The question is how much lower does it […]
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Is there a Short Term Gold Rally Coming? (AMZN) has been on a huge run, up 8 of the last 9 days.  This run has been so quick that it has now pushed outside of its upper bollinger bands. Bollinger bands use the 20 day moving average and measure two standard deviations on either side.  Two standard deviations will hold 95% […]
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An Amazing Run… Now What?
“The HAMMER” – Candlestick Formation Today, Norman shows us the Candlestick formation called “THE HAMMER”. In his opinion, it is one of the most reliable short term indicators around, since it reflects possible trader EMOTION if the next bar goes higher. He shows us some examples for the hammer’s greatest trading relevance when it appears […]
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“The HAMMER” – Candlestick Formation [Mental Pill]
TradeOutLoud’s  favorite trade of the week: USD/JPY . We have a long  bias on this currency trade, seeing more buying pressure from it’s technical charts. Strong weekly chart and current price action favor more upside for this currency pair. Without a doubt the USD has gained strength and came back to it’s previous high levels […]
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USD/JPY – What this Trader is Seeing
Thanks to Alan Brochstein of Marketfy for the following guest post: Cabela’s (CAB) is a high-flyer due for more of a pause.  The stock was overextended until recently and has started to correct.  It is expensive, and the growth has been driven by a couple of things that trouble me, including unsustainably high guns and […]
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Is this P/E Getting a Bit High?
LEG- Legget & Platt Legget & Platt or (LEG) is a worldwide manufacturer that makes and designs an array of products that can be found in places such as offices, homes, retail stores, automobiles and commercial aircrafts. The stock is currently trading at $31.32 per share with a 52-week range between $20.50-$34.28. On the year […]
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A Leg Up or a Leg Down?
Thanks to our friends over at Blue Tick Research for the following analysis. Emerson Radio Corp. (MSN) Emerson is a manufacturer of small house ware and consumer electronics – microwaves, toaster ovens, alarm clocks and the like. Their entry-level products are sold at major retailers such as Wal-Mart, Sears and K-Mart. Look around your house […]
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Trade Idea on MSN
CVC, one of America’s leading media and communications companies, has recently been selling off some of its holdings in two major deals which have caused some stock market speculation, though the real drive behind the rising prices has been rumors about the company selling out completely. In the first deal last week, Bow Tie Cinemas […]
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Lots of Rumors with this Stock
Tom Busby of DTI shares market education, an income strategy, in one of the world’s biggest companies as he looks for the Crude Oil Market to heat up over the summer. Trade Recap: Selling XOM July 90 Put for approximately 1.11 Tom’s Trade Plan: Scenario #1: If XOM is below 90.00 at expiration – Take XOM Stock […]
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Income Strategy on a Behemoth
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