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Another roller-coaster week in the markets and what a ride…I was hearing each track as the market was actually climbing higher on Thursday and Friday. So what triggered the sell off in the first place? The imminent government default which could happen in just a few weeks if Congress will not raise the debt ceiling. And here […]
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Aftermath Market Analysis by TradeOutLoud
We all know that an increase in market volatility is usually accompanied by a market drop. Traders and investment managers are well aware of the inverse correlation between S&P500 futures and the VIX Index which is precisely why they monitor very closely volatility fluctuations. There are 2 main volatilities to consider when analyzing financial markets: […]
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Mini S&P500: Implied and Realized Volatilities
You’re Not A Trader….What you REALLY are is… Norman talks about what traders really are in this week’s 4-Minute Drill. He also discusses what every trader needs to do to properly achieve their goals in the 4th quarter. Don’t miss this!
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It is Not Too Late to Achieve Your 4th Quarter Goals
We are watching the USD/CAD currency pair for this week of October 7, 2013 On Monday  at 8:30 am est Canada Building Permits numbers are coming out and this watch is important for the overall CAD currency  because the release of the numbers will give us a glimpse of future construction activity. Also on Friday […]
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Favorite Market Trade of The Week by TradeOutLoud
The S&P500 and many other equity indices in the world are considered to be risky assets. Therefore, many investors and traders often have to employ hedging strategies in order to counterbalance high volatility environments that frequently hit equity indices or single stocks. The asset classes that are normally selected to stabilize portfolio risk go from […]
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Hedging Portfolio Risk with Treasury Markets by HyperVolatility
By Dave & Donald Moenning Based on the early action, it appears that traders have moved into a schizophrenic mode as Tuesday’s gains could be reversed quickly at the open. At issue is the simple fact that no one really knows what to expect in terms of the duration of the government shutdown. And, the […]
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What Do The Cycles Say About October?
By Tim Melvin, The Deep Value Letter A deep value asset-based investor at this time last year could have defined their universe as just the S&P 500 (NYSE: SPY) and still done very well for themselves. About 10 percent of the index was still trading below tangible book value, and there were plenty of stocks to choose from […]
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Bargain Shopping the S&P 500
Thanks to W.S. Greer Analytics for sharing this trade on $SLV (iShares Silver Trust) for the week of October, 1, 2013. We are slightly bullish on $SLV. $SLV is currently trading at $19.98 after making new lows during after-market hours. Its 52-week low is $17.75 (6/27/13). Its 52-week high is $33.99 (10/04/12). With consideration of […]
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Trade of The Week
We have a short  bias on this currency pair, seeing more selling pressure from it’s technical charts. The long term technical pattern remains weak. When first evaluating the Daily chart of the AUD/USD the first thing we notice is that there is a very strong down trend that has developed  since the beginning of 2013. […]
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Forex Market Trade of The Week by TradeOutLoud AUD/USD
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