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We are bullish on $GE into its earnings release on 1/17/2014 (not confirmed). It has also been reported that GE Capital is going to provide “$22.5 Million in Marine Fleet Financing to Laborde Marine” by BusinessWire. Moreover, taking a look at the charts looks as if it’s due for a breakout as Barron’s magazine put […]
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GE Market Trade of The Week for November 4th
The Swiss Franc has always been considered to be a great hedging tool in portfolio management since the early days of trading and investing. The reason the Swiss currency has been used as a safe room lies in the stability and solidity of the Swiss banking system. Historically speaking, investors have always rushed to deposit […]
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The Swiss Franc And Its Role in Portfolio Management
The Russell 2000 Index has been very volatile lately allowing for great gains from its wide swings. The Right Line Trading system has signaled us into a number of bullish trades in the last couple of weeks, all of them turning out to be nice winners. An entry was triggered at 1116.3 on 10/24, 14:19 ET that ran […]
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Russell 2000 Index (TF) Setting Up For a Bull Run
We have had an amazing trading week. Our last called trade EUR/USD long triggered at 1.3700 with only a 50 pips risk and it is now into target 2 area at 1.3800. It made a new high on Friday at 1.3831. From the technical chart we can see that it is continuing to consolidate bullishly around […]
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FOREX Market-Pairs to Watch for the Week of October 28, 2013
The VIX is without a doubt the most popular risk management index amongst market players. The VIX tracks the performance of the volatility generated from the S&P500 options market and VIX futures / options are, nowadays, very liquid instruments often utilized by portfolio managers to counterbalance and limit market risk. Consequentially, the fluctuations of the […]
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VIX Index: How much does it fluctuate?
Learn how to improve your Forex trading strategy to gain maximum returns in a sideways market by using ChartIQ’s innovative 9/13 count visual indicator.  We will be reviewing the USD/CAD chart using 1-day candlesticks.  The 9-count and 13-count are momentum indicators (like MACD or RSI) that provide explicit trading signals.  These counts utilize the entire […]
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Trade SMARTER – USD/CAD Forex analysis with ChartIQ
The EUR/USD hit the 1.3700 in October 20th trading session in New York. Overall bullish pattern over the last trading sessions all last week we see more upside for EUR/USD for short, medium and long terms. Zooming onto the 4 hour chart here is our play of the day. The green highlighted field is the focal area […]
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Forex Market Trade of The Week EUR/USD
Euro futures have been clearly a very popular asset in the last weeks because the great uncertainty that hit the American financial market increased the buying pressure on the Single currency. The debt ceiling issues have completely paralyzed the entire financial industry and all market players are now waiting for the US parliament to find […]
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Euro Futures and the HyperVolatility Momentum Curve
USD/JPY We have a long bias on this currency trade, seeing more buying pressure from it’s technical charts today, October 15. Starting with the weekly chart the USD/JPY price is caught into a bullish triangle showing a lot of buying pressure into 98.50 – 98.70 area and we see potential profit targets area into 99.00, […]
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USD/JPY Favorite MarketTrade of the Week by TradeOutLoud
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