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This week’s trading education includes a report on MasterCard ($MA) prepared by WSGAnalytics. We are bullish on $MA after their earnings announcement this past week.  The company reported an increase in their dividend payout of 83%, a 10 for 1 stock split, as well as a $3.5B buyback program. To take advantage of this, we are planning […]
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MasterCard ($MA) Trade Report
The Disciplined Trader ran across an article of memorable quotes by one of the most successful investors the world has ever seen, Warren Buffett. He decided to focus the next few 4-Minute Drills on some of these famous quotes. The first Buffett quote is: “Rule Number 1: Never Lose Money. Rule Number 2: Don’t forget rule […]
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Applying Warren Buffet’s Advice in the Market
The European Central Bank is supposed to be politically independent and its financial stability is based on capital contributions provided by both member and non–member states of the Euro area. The actual capital of the ECB, as of the 1st of July 2013, amounts to €10,825,007,069.61 and each National Central Bank’s contribution is weighted according […]
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Market Education-The European Central Bank
The American Treasury market is often used, by portfolio managers and funds, as a hedging tool in order to reduce market risk and portfolio volatility. The US Treasury Bonds market is particularly important, not only to investors, but to anyone because mortgage refinancing rates are often calculated off 30 year Treasury Bonds’ yields. Nevertheless, T–Bonds […]
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Market Education: When You Should Not Buy US Treasury Bonds
The credit crunch is considered to be the worst financial crises since the Great Depression which hit the global economy in 1929. The present mini research will use the USA GDP and the unemployment rate to compare and potentially identify similarities among the 1921–1940 and the 1994–2013 time intervals. The data have been provided by […]
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Will History Repeat Itself?
Investors looking for a reliable income stream should make dividend paying stocks a part of their investment portfolio. These are the stocks that grow over time and payout a portion of their earnings to their owners in accordance to the number of shares they own. Investors need to get rid of stagnant, non dividend paying […]
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Dividend Paying Stocks a Good Investment Option
This week Norman talks about the importance of using stops in your trading. He mentions that the reason he thinks some traders don’t use stops is that they are not aware of all the different KINDS of stops available and how AND WHEN to apply them. He discusses some of the different kinds of stops […]
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Define Your Trades With Stops
The AUD/USD has tested 3 times the daily support early last week from which it has bounced. Current price action suggests that there may be more upside and this might be the support area that might hold future small and medium term price action, support at 0.9270. See key technical levels on chart: We have […]
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AUD/USD Forex Market Trade by TradeOutLoud
The present mini – research is focused on the trend fluctuations observed since mid August, so far, and the asset class under examination is the American equity Index while the data refers to the E–Mini S&P500 futures market. The below reported chart displays the calculation performed by the HyperVolatility team: The 3 curves represent short […]
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S&P500 Short, Medium, And Long Term Trends
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