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We believe that Goldman’s downgrade of $FSLR from a hold to a sell is right on. They have issued a target of $42.00 but we want to make a shorter term trade. Here is what we have initiated: Buy: Jan 17’ 52.5 Puts @ 2.50 per contract Sell at $3.75 per contract Sell STP @ […]
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First Solar- Market Trade of The Week
EUR/USD – closed on Friday below the whole number 1.3600 at 1.3589. Strong uptrend on the daily chart suggests that it has the potential to continue higher moving ahead after the completion of the corrective phase that is in right now. A correction into 1.3500 is possible. We have a long bias if the currency […]
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Forex Trades of The Week
2013 has been a positive year, as far as equity markets are concerned. Monetary policy makers have, once again, played a key role in financial markets. Their stimulus packages have greatly favored the stock markets and decreased their volatility but what about commodity markets? Volatility is an extremely important factor in commodity markets. In fact, commodities […]
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Volatilities in The Commodity Markets
Norman  continues to look at some of the most memorable quotes made by the great Warren Buffett.  In this week’s market education he discusses one of his favorites… “You don’t have to be a rocket scientist.  Investing is not a game where the 160 IQ beats the guy with 130 IQ”…  
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Applying Warren Buffett’s Advice In The Market
2013 is coming to an end. The word “crisis” is still abundantly utilized in the financial press and the Federal Reserve keeps injecting money into the system (although it was recently announced that the $85 billion bond and mortgage backed–securities purchasing package will be tapered starting January 2014). The performances of many financial asset classes have been remarkably […]
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The Economy Throughout The Passing Year
The USD/CHF trade is showing potential in the market. We are bearish on this pair following the release of US GDP figures which beat expectations. Here is our Game plan: Sell @ 89.650 S/L:  0.89800 T/P: 0.89115 Total Risk: 115 Pips Total Return: 535 Pips *Be careful for the Congestion around the .89500 level
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USD/CHF Forex Trade of The Week
The present mini market education research is focused on the American equity index and the Asian currency and the study concentrates on these markets for a specific reason. The correlation between the aforementioned asset classes is usually negative and Japanese Yen futures are often employed by portfolio managers as a hedging tool. In fact, in […]
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HyperVolatility Momentum Curve: S&P500 and Japanese Yen Market Education
WSG Analytics shares this possible market trade. We are currently Bullish on $LGF based on the stock’s technicals. While it has recently posted higher highes and higher lows, it is still our belief that the stock still has room to pullback. Given this, we are going to initiate the following: Wait for Price to Pull […]
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LGF Market Trade of the Week
Tuesday December 17th was the first day for the FOMC monetary policy meeting and 2014 projections on Wednesday the much awaited decision day which is also the last FOMC meeting for the year. Most of the currency pairs are ranging now in expectation of the bid decision, to taper or not to taper. Here are two […]
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Year End FOMC Thoughts and Possible Market Reactions
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