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In this week’s education the Disciplined Trader, Norman,  encourages you to look back at your 2014 trading goals and go ahead and fill in the blanks on how you’re going to support yourself to accomplish them. He reminds us that all goals ARE achievable if you keep yourself empowered. Are you interested in a class […]
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Assess Your Trading Goals
This week the FOREX market is expected to be rather choppy. The week will likely be defined by price action before FOMC meeting and After FOMC meeting. Here is what is seen as a possible trade. In fact, this is a trade that has a double bias. EUR/USD short and long depending on price action.Please […]
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EUR/USD Forex Alert of The Week
The VIX index is definitely the most popular volatility index in the world and its fluctuations are closely monitored by many portfolio managers and market players. Hence, the present market mini–research will try to detect the oscillation of the VIX in the last 10 years (January 2004 – January 2014). The next chart plots the […]
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Market Education- VIX Index Decennial Analysis
How do you find the best trading system for you? This week Norman, The Disciplined Trader, gives some guidelines for finding the best market trading system for you in his 4 minute drill. Find out what  matches your comfort level and then test a system before you dive into the sea of options. As Warren Buffett said […]
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Basic Guidelines for Finding The Best Trading System
We have a short  bias on AUD/USD currency trade, seeing more selling pressure from it’s technical charts. Chinese GDP numbers were out last night at 9:00 pm EST  and the GDP growth was up 7.7% in 2013, the lowest level since 1999. This does not come as a surprise and economists have warned about a slowdown in China. […]
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AUD/USD Forex Trade of The Week
Short… Sweet… and to the Point.  This chart points to a possible bounce in the EUR/USD “Price bounced of the rising trend line to settle back above 1.3625 broken low. We will probably see a move back towards 1.3800 main resistance area. Unless we decisively break the channel’s support. Possible scenario illustrated on chart” EURUSD […]
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EUR/USD Starting to Bounce via TradingView
Today’s Chart of the Day is courtesy of our pals over at This particular user is bullish on a longer term outlook and looking at the 1.3680 as the main resistance area in site at this time. EURUSD 240min on medium-term direction by atrader on
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Chart of the Day
The Euro/Dollar is without a doubt one of the most liquid markets in the world. The cross, given its importance, is closely monitored by traders and portfolio managers and it would be very interesting to examine how it performed with respect to equity and commodity asset classes over the last 12 months. The following chart, […]
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Euro/Dollar Inter-Market Analysis
In this week’s market education Norman, The Disciplined Trader,  analyzes another quote from Warren Buffett. He talks about how as traders we can use his advice even though Mr. Buffett is a fundamental investor and not a technical one. Learn more in this 4 minute trading drill video.
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Applying Warren Buffet’s Advice in The Market
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