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The present mini–research is extracted from the HyperVolatility End of the Year Report 2013 and it presents the performance of E–Mini S&P 500 futures over the last year. E–Mini S&P 500 Futures: The American equity index experienced a rather continuous bullish uptrend throughout the entire year. The bond and mortgage backed securities purchasing program launched […]
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E–Mini S&P 500 Futures in 2013
A popular market strategy for growing profits aggressively is when a trader adds to a position when the movement goes in the desired direction. Many traders will “scale in” additional positions as the move progresses and this, interestingly enough, can also help reduce risk if the trade turns bad later on. Other traders believe that […]
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Scaling Trades in the Market
The aim of the present mini–research is to provide evidence about the often misunderstood relationship between inflation and internal market growth. It is a known fact that many journalists often refer to the rapport between inflation and growth as a steady linear connection where high inflation must necessarily implies an increase in consumer’s demand and […]
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Can Inflation Still be Used as a Proxy for Growth?
By Kenneth Reid, Ph.D. You may have been advised to approach trading like a business, but for active traders, trading is more like a sport. Putting on a trade is like running a play in football… or playing out a point in tennis (my sport).There’s the drama of the game, a winner and a […]
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The Paradox of a “Winning Attitude”
The Brent/WTI spread ,otherwise known as oil arb, is one of the most common trades within energy markets. The spread between the prices of the 2 most important oil markets in the world is primarily due to fundamental reasons (the WTI does not leave the US while the Brent is exported worldwide, the supply chain […]
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Brent/WTI Spread-Market Education
We have a long  bias on GPB/USD, seeing more buying pressure from it’s technical charts. Looking at the 1 hour chart there is a tight consolidation that can favor a move to the upside if the momentum continues and if on Wednesday , February 12, 2014 the quarterly Inflation report will have positive signs for […]
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Will GBP/USD head higher?
The majority of equity markets around the world are going through a difficult period. The macroeconomic scenario is somehow mixed, in fact, some macroeconomic news are good but far from being extraordinary good while some others are bad but not dramatically so. Nevertheless, the reduced Chinese growth rate, the restructuring of the Fed’s bonds / […]
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Japanese Equity Market
This week The Disciplined Trader, Norman, talks about choppy markets… because there certainly are a lot of them lately. He gives away a tip that has served him over the years when he encounters periods of CHOP in the markets (which happens to be about 75% of the time). See this 4 minute video for that choppy trading […]
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Choppy Market Trading
The European crisis if often associated with the sovereign debt structural problems experienced by the peripheral countries. In the present mini–research we will examine the volatilities of the 4 biggest European economies: France, Germany, Italy and UK. The reason the aforementioned countries have been selected is because the sum of their GDP figures account for the […]
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European Market Volatilities
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