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There’s been a lot of press lately about high-frequency trading and how big institutions are trading ahead of small traders. This week, Norman talks about this in his market education video and what we should do as “small traders” to make sure the odds stack up in our favor. Watch this 4 minute video drill below:
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High Frequency Trading
UPS (United Parcel Service), the world’s largest carrier company, reported a 12% fall in earnings in the last quarter due to higher costs related to harsh winter conditions. “Much of the U.S. economy was negatively affected by the severe weather conditions in the first quarter, resulting in lower UPS operating results versus the prior year,” UPS Chief Executive Scott Davis […]
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UPS Trade Of The Week
It is no secret that Asian countries have been experiencing a large and rapid growth but how much they really grew over the last 2 years? Which country shows the highest level of growth? The present market education will attempt to answer to the aforementioned questions and provide investors and market players with a general […]
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GDP Growth in Asian Markets
MPC Meeting Minutes are scheduled to be released today April 23, 2014 at 4:30 AM EST. The BOE did not release any statement during the rate decision that took place two week ago so tomorrow’s minutes will reveal what exactly took place during the meeting and as any release we will notice increased volatility. Currently […]
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GBP/USD Forex Trade Idea For The Week
One of the best market movers this month has been APC, which rallied 20 points on news that they reached a settlement in the Tronox case. Apparently with a number attatched ($5B) that wasn’t as bad as what everyone expected, investors can look for a less risky business. That got priced in. We’re now seeing […]
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Market Trade Idea of The Week APC
Investing in commodity markets became a rather popular alternative to equity markets in recent years and in particular since the 2009 market crash. Investors, traders, hedge funds and portfolio managers are now trading asset classes such as crude oil, natural gas, gold, silver, wheat, coffee and sugar with a lot more consistency than in the […]
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Volatility in Precious Metals Markets
TradeOutLoud’s  favorite trade of the week this week is the USD/JPY pair. There is a long bias on this currency pair, seeing more buying  pressure from it’s technical charts. Zooming onto the 4 hour chart here is our play of the day: Trade Levels for  long position: Entry : 102.20 Stop : 101.30 Risk : 90 pips Target […]
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Forex Favorite Trade of the Week
The premium in the near term NASDAQ options is way too high. And it really tapers off after the next few weeks. So here’s the possible trade: Buy to Open May1/May 87 Call calendar for 0.34 Buy to Open May1/May 84 Put calendar for 0.38 There is a 2% point difference between front month and back […]
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QQQ Trade of The Week
The last couple of days, Norman, The Disciplined Trader,  has been watching the master’s golf tournament and there are so many parallels to trading in the game of golf, that he started to laugh… For one thing, there are all kinds of risks as a golfer tries to get that little golf ball from the […]
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Trading and Golf: The Winning Elements Are The Same
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