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This week’s watch list from Trade Out Loud includes a number of potential bullish moves in the following stocks: RFMD, DIS, BX, WFC, FOX, PDCE, HOLX, MCHX, AA, NRG, WM, SIX, OVTI, EXC, CL, KR, COST, BBY, XL, JWN, BRK.B, TSL, FSLR, SPWR, HW, HPQ (over $34.00, stop to be determined at the time of […]
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Two Swing Trading Ideas And A Watch List For The Week Ahead
The housing market has always been considered to be a crucial indicator as far as economic growth is concerned. In fact, the expansion and development of the housing sector is often positively correlated to GDP growth and stock market up trends. The housing market, particularly the American one, played a central role in the 2009–2010 […]
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Housing Market in the European Peripheral Economies
Many traders try to jump in too late at the top of a big trending market. By being patient and waiting for the proper retrace and timing trigger to enter a trade helps for successful retrace trading. In the chart example for the Russell Index for Monday by waiting for the proper retrace to the mid-band of a […]
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Patience Pays Off In A Big Trending Market
It is Tuesday and back to work to a short week that started off on the optimistic side. WFC (Wells Fargo & Co) broke $50.00 resistance area in Friday’s trading session heading higher today setting a new high at $50.70. The break of the major resistance area can set the stage for new highs for this stock […]
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Is Wells Fargo & Co Positioned For a Steady Growth?
Biogen Idec (BIIB) is one of the leading biotech/pharmaceutical companies in the NASDAQ. It is also one of the representative biotech companies that we follow in the Stocks & Options Live Trading Room. BIIB pulled back at the end of March of this year, as most biotech companies also began a pullback of the entire […]
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Cup and Handle Breakout in BIIB
This week we are taking a look at RBOB futures, NY Harbor Blendstock RBOB, and more specifically that we are forming a very nice double top with a bearish divergence on both our MQ Momentum and MQ Cycle Finder indicators. If you look at the picture below, you can see that we have reached overvalued […]
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RBOB Weekly Double Top
It’s Memorial Day weekend here in the United States where we recognize our soldiers for their bravery and sacrifice so that we, the citizens, can live a life of safety and opportunities.  For us as traders, it’s all about taking advantage of those opportunities that we are lucky enough to have plenty of.  Norman, The […]
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3 Reasons Why Taking Losses Quickly Is Important
The HyperVolatility Momentum Curve is a tool specifically developed in order to capture market turning points and provide insights about market’s most probable future direction. The algorithm is a leading indicator and it ranges between -10 and 10. The purpose of this week’s market education is to filter one of the most important bond markets […]
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HyperVolatility Momentum Curve: German Bund
Finding and using previous days Fib levels for any market and looking for important Cluster Levels and trading on an intra-day chart can make for some great trades. In the example on the Gold chart for Monday, May 19, only Fib Cluster Levels going back the previous 10 trading days with Fib Retrace Levels of .382, […]
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Trading Gold With Daily Fib Clusters
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