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WAG is setting up a for a breakout swing trade play. The stock has been in a power ascending move since the beginning of 2013. After setting a new yearly high at $76.39 on 6/19 WAG has retraced into support just above $72.00 and now creating another shelf of support above that area signaling that it […]
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Is Walgreens Setting Up For  a Breakout?!
The present market education is dedicated to energy markets and it presents the HyperVolatility monthly update regarding the Oil Arb strategy. It is worth reminding that the Oil Arb is a spread trade strategy where 2 opposite positions are entered in both WTI and Brent crude oil markets. The analysis will follow the usual order: […]
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Oil Arbitrage Spread Update
The daily technical chart suggest that price for Avgo Technologies might continue higher due to strong consolidation. Currently price trading above the 20 SMA, with support under $70.00 area and resistance at $72.50. Projected profit targets: $72.00, $75.00 and $77.25 for medium and long term. An entry over the confirmation retest area of $72.50 will […]
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Avago Technologies
The present market education consists of a brief study of the gold market performed via the HyperVolatility Momentum Curve. The algorithm is a statistical tool that filters market prices and tries to detect the turning points of major trends. There are 2 curves, the first is fast moving (white) while the other is slow (red), […]
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Gold and The HyperVolatility Momentum Curve
The NASDAQ 100 ETF (QQQ) is showing a distinct bearish pattern over the past couple of weeks and over the past several days shows signs of tipping over and starting a strong move downward. QQQs have been in a relatively strong uptrend since the beginning of May. This recently culminated in a high of 93.02 […]
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Emerging Bearish Divergence in QQQ
This week Norman, the Disciplined Trader, discusses an exercise you can do to quickly determine how successful you were as a trader over the last year. See this 4 minute drill for traders here:
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An Exercise For Success….
Last week we saw the Dow climb up and hit new highs, however, this could be giving us a great opportunity for a short. The main reason why ValueCharts considers a bearish move in this market is due to a very well defined daily bearish divergence, where we have climbed to new highs with lower, […]
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Daily Bearish Divergence in the Dow
JNPR (Juniper Networks, Inc) has been consolidating on the weekly chart since April of 2014. The beginning of 2014 marked the big breakout of a 3 year range. If current chart pattern remains bullish and respects support level of $24.00 zone, any break over $25.50 area can trigger a weekly breakout with targets into $26.00, […]
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Juniper Networks on The Move
LIBOR is an acronym for the London InterBank Offered Rate and it is the average interest rate at which banks lend considerable amount of funds to each other. Obviously, the calculation of the rate involves the major banks in the City of London. Nevertheless, many American banks have their European headquarters in London, hence, they […]
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Equity Markets and the London InterBank Offered Rate
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