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This week Norman Hallett, the Disciplined Trader, encourages you to play to your strengths and AWAY from your weaknesses when developing your trading plan.  Any good coach in basketball or any other sport will look for the strengths in an athlete and develop those rather than work to fix the weaknesses… the same goes for […]
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Emphasize Your Strengths
The present market education is entirely dedicated to the American bond market and will try to detect the turning points of the price action thanks to the HyperVolatility Momentum Curve. The data that have been employed refer to the 30 year T–Bonds because the yields of this type of security are used to set mortgage […]
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American Treasury Bonds
The option of investing in disruptive technologies with the speculative part of our portfolio may be a great one,  as we know disruptive technologies have been game-changers in the past. Like smartphones were and even the internet when it was in its infancy and people said it would never catch on. This week the Disciplined […]
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Disruptive Technologies to Consider
The present market education investigates the semi–annual performance of the VIX index over the last 10 years and it tries to detect both general and seasonal patterns. The data set goes from January 2004 to mid–July 2014. The analysis concentrates on the first six months of every year and it examines the average price calculated […]
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VIX Semi–Annual Analysis
YHOO (Yahoo) weakening price action after it reported earnings this week sent the stock lower into the $33.00 area support on the daily, weekly and yes, monthly chart. For the first time since April of last year YHOO broke below $33.00 area and consolidating weak on support area for the last 2 days. We have […]
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Yahoo Weakening Post Earnings
“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin When it comes to investing, nothing will pay off more than educating yourself. Do the necessary research, study and analysis before making any investment decisions. Technical levels and analysis of the major market indices below: – Bias: Strong, current price action suggests a continuation […]
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Trade Alert of The Week by TradeOutLoud
Business failures are inevitable. The risks and responsibilities involved with running a company, large or small, are many and it is never easy sailing in such rough waters. Business failures are, however, strongly related to economic and financial conditions. Hence, investigating the number of businesses filing for bankruptcy is a good way to assess the […]
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Worldwide Business Bankruptcies
Since making a most recent swing low on May 8th 2014 at $314.36 Netflix (NFLX) has pushed higher moving up over $160 over the next 8 trading weeks. After its most recent high put in last week on July 2nd, NFLX has started a pullback towards the 8-Day EMA level.  What is different is that […]
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NFLX Breaking Lower
Over the next several days we will be watching Crude Oil very closely as we are currently testing a daily trendline, and very close to breaking through and testing the secondary support provided by the lower trendline. If we can break through Monday’s lows, it would be expected that this market will test the secondary […]
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Daily Trendlines in Crude Oil
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