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The summer definitely was not kind to the EUR/USD as pressure in Europe combined with a strong overall USD spelled a continuous selloff for the pair.  While the pair pretty much closed at its lows on Friday, it shot back today as traders covered their shorts and took profits causing the EUR to have a […]
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EUR/USD – Big Time Bounce or Place to Sell?
Here is some classic chart work on a near term shorting opportunity on XLNX based on Elliott Wave.  Short, sweet and to the point. A Near Term Shorting Opportunity for XLNX Until 15 Oct 2014 by BreakOutArtist on Notes from the chart: Price has been trading along the solid blue uptrend line, from Sep […]
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Near Term Shorting Opportunity?
The present market education updates the analysis for the Oil Arbitrage strategy. It is worth reminding that the Oil Arb is a spread trading technique where offsetting positions are taken in the two most important oil markets in the world: WTI Crude and Brent Crude. The first chart, like usual, displays the actual scenario: The […]
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Oil Arbitrage Monthly Update
This week Norman Hallett, the Disciplined Trader,  encourages you to MAN UP and change your behavior, rather than letting your ego get in the way of your trading success. SEE THE WHOLE DRILL FOR TRADERS HERE: Read the full video script:  9 Out of 10 traders will tell you that your mental and emotional fitness […]
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Man Up
The CBOE has launched many volatility indices but the VIX is certainly the one that in recent years has drawn the highest level of attention. The present market education is the first of a new series of monthly analyses specifically dedicated to the following volatility indices: VIX, VXN, VXD, OVX, GVZ. The VIX tracks the […]
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Volatility Indices Monthly Analysis
Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen spoke last week about the state of the economy and the prospect for interest rates in the short and long terms.  The Disciplined Trader advises not to listen too much to the news, in general, as he believes that the chart tells him everything he needs to know… but when […]
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How The Federal Reserve Can Affect Your Trading
The HyperVolatility Momentum Curve is an algorithm specifically engineered to capture market’s turning points. The HVMC consists of 2 components: a fast curve (in white) and a slow one (in red). The algorithm, which ranges between +10 and –10, is designed to anticipate major changes in the trend of the price action and in the […]
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HyperVolatility Momentum Curve and DAX
QQQ (ETF): The QQQ’s remain sideways this past trading week, although a new high was set on 9/09. Another neutral week where no economic release managed to push or break this ETF higher or lower. The line in the sand will be drawn next week after FOMC Economic Projections Meeting and Federal Fund Rate on Wednesday 2:00 pm […]
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Double take on QQQ
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