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  Many people that start out trading feel that there is a comparison between trading and gambling. However, there is one big difference- a skilled trader will be in position to actually be successful. A quality trading system is based on statistic and probabilities. You will have rules to follow and pre-determined targets.  Stick with […]
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Trading Is About Probabilities Not Predictions
This week The Disciplined Trader talks about getting the right balance between your trading plan and the discipline you need to run that plan… SEE THE FULL DRILL HERE: Or read the full video script here: The importance of trading discipline cannot be over-emphasized…because, in the end, all a trader really has when he or […]
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Get The Right Balance Between Your Trading Plan and Your Discipline
  Greetings traders.  In today’s market education article I want to show you how to recognize and use the intraday price phases to capture precision moves in the Euro FX contract (6E on the CME). The 6E contract is not for the faint of heart as intraday moves occur constantly that are often extremely fast. […]
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Precision Trading the Euro FX (6E) by Reading the Intraday Price Phases
    Never Loss Trading HF-Stock Trading Chart (only trade, when the price threshold is surpassed)   The NLT Alert Scanners gave us a signal for a bottom reversal on FFIV: Entry Price Level and Outlook We only want to consider a long opportunity when the spelled out price threshold > $114.51 is surpassed. By […]
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Bottom Reversal Opportunity in FFIV
The present market education will filter the VIX Index using the HyperVolatility Momentum Curve, an algorithm specifically engineered to detect market turning points. The HVMC consists of two curves: one is fast moving (white) while the second lags behind, it is slower but it is more stable (red). The curves fluctuate within +10 and -10 […]
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HyperVolatility Momentum Curve: VIX Index
    This market education article is the first in a series on creating a framework for success in trading and is contributed by Shane Handy, Founder and CEO of Trading is an extremely complex activity. You have to: Decide upon a technical approach and then learn its technical analysis, Deal with your natural fear […]
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Building a Foundation for Success in Trading
On Friday the US stock market broke key support on the Emini S&P500 at 1901.00 . We had been alerting our subscribers to this number and after the close on Friday into the Globex session prices took out this pivot with conviction. This caused a watershed move lower into early Monday Globex.  We had recommended to the […]
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Watching For Early Sell Off To Catch Support And Bounce Back Higher
In today’s market education we will show, with the help of a couple of charts and a video, how you can  detect when the Institutions Trading Algorithms start kicking in the market. This technique is applicable for any market you are interested in, following or trading, and will demonstrate how to benefit from those events with […]
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How To Detect Institutional Algorithms And Trade With Them
The present ,market education will focus on the performances of the manufacturing industry in the United States since 2009 so far. The manufacturing sector is one of the most important market segments because, other than producing physical goods that we all need on a daily basis, it also has a profound social value because it […]
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US Manufacturing Sector
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